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the herd is full of opportunity


Lykos Capital is a group of venture, business, and capital markets experts focused on supporting its clients with non-conforming and sometimes contrarian ideas.


Our organization is comprised entirely of top tier experts that work well together, and have legendary instincts for where the herd will go next.



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Acquiring a business is a carefully calculated process. A target company may seem attractive from the outside, and look entirely different once an acquirer takes full control. That’s why due diligence is such an important step in any M&A transaction. Done right, it helps acquirers minimize risk and create sustainable value post acquisition.


Understanding the due diligence process is critical to acquiring, divesting, and raising or investing capital. Our team has experience leading transactional due diligence on behalf of buyers and sellers.


Reinvent your operations to uncover a new competitive edge. Bain helps you transform your operations by taking a holistic view that connects operations to strategy, transcends siloes, and focuses on the opportunities that will create the greatest value. From the back office and research lab to the factory floor and across your supply chain, Bain can help you develop an unconstrained, end-to-end plan to achieve your full vision. Our deep bench of experts can work with you


Corporations, institutional investors, asset managers, private equity firms, and governments around the globe rely on Lykos Capital as an innovative partner with an in-depth expertise in capital markets, banking, and finance. With a positive, collaborative culture, our teams of banking and market experts seamlessly collaborate across geographies and financial disciplines to deliver results for clients.


Early stage companies are fundamentally different than established or stabilized post-revenue organizations. Making forward looking predictions and statements can be extremely challenging without the appropriate insights and expertise.


Lykos can help with the development of a true growth plan and capital strategy to ensure that there is a true alignment of interests in both the best and worst case scenarios of a higher risk venture.


We offer capabilities, proven tools and methods to help our clients plan and execute desired change, complete transformations, and particularly transactional change programs.

Our skilled professionals focus on the adoption of new behaviors and mindsets by individuals and teams. Our commitment to innovation and broad industry experience keep us at the forefront of the discipline and practice of change management.

We can enable your company to manage critical changes with precision and predictability to improve successful business outcomes.

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